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House in Naples is a project of “Albergo diffuso”born in Naples since 2014. House in Naples is a good alternative accommodation to feel at home away from home but with the quality standards of a hotel. An idea designed for all the people who are not looking for the formal and impersonal atmosphere of a hotel.

Our small “fleet” includes three B&B located in strategic positions in the historic center of Naples and apartments suitable for families and for those who want to stay in our city for long periods.

All our proposals are characterized by a unique aesthetic imprint, the result of an elaboration of the concept of vintage furniture, combined with the reworking of an industrial style with recovery and distortion of vintage materials and objects which come back to life in new forms, thanks also to the precious help of cabinetmakers and Neapolitan artists.

All our B&Bs offer a breakfast characterized by the use of organic food, home made and farm-to-table. Breakfast is always included in the price, as well as free is the area of “afternoon entertainment” with coffee, a wide selection of teas, herbal teas and herbs.

Finally, we remind you that we have a private service of pickups and transport, which allows us to satisfy every request. We offer: pickup service from the airport/station or a tour in the tourist areas (and not) of our magnificent region.

The Bellini House

Born in 2014 is a B&B/renting rooms which offers 6 rooms in the central Piazza Bellini with a charming view over an enchanted garden: a magnificent oasis of peace and calm in the more lively, pulsanting and touristic area of the city. The B&B is suitable for families and couples.

The Dante House

Born in 2017, is a B&B/renting rooms which offers 6 rooms. It is located in the central Piazza Dante, in front of the metro station Line 1 “Dante”.The Dante House is our latest creation and is characterized by the beauty, care and refinement of the furnishings of a Nordic inspiration, comparable to those of a hotel, which is flanked by a service and customer care in Neapolitan style. The B&B is suitable for couples, business travellers and families.

The Foria House

Born in 2015 is a B&B with 4 rooms characterized by the presence of a private garden of over 200 square meters. It is located in the central Via Foria, a few steps from Via Duomo and the Metro stop Line 2 of Cavour. This is an ideal solution for large families or groups of friends who want to share and use the entire B&B exclusively.

The Duomo House

The Duomo House is our brand new B&B located in the charming Via Duomo: one of the most beautiful street of Napoli. In the very heart of the old town and next to the magnificent cathedral. The House has 5 rooms, all with a private balcony overlooking the street or the beautiful square that surrounds the church.


Our apartments are a valid alternative to the classic stay at our b&b.
We have chosen only a few apartments, selected according to certain standards that make them special in their kind.

The Duomo Apartment

Is a large apartment located in the central Via Duomo, next to the Cathedral.
Max 9 people.

Pontecorvo Garden House

Is a nice apartment near Piazza Dante, in the historical centre of Naples, with a charming private garden.
Max 7 people.

The Dante Apartment

Apartment of over 130 square meters located a few meters from the central Piazza Dante (located in Salita Pontecorvo) with 3 bedrooms, huge living room, two bathrooms in the kitchen. Building with elevator and within walking distance also a well-stocked market.
Capacity 10 people.

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